Artificial intelligence and big data applied to the real world_

Transcending Machines

A new age of technological revolution is underway: that of exponential technologies. While traditional technologies have tended to advance linearly over the years, innovative techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Computer Vision develop exponentially.

SiliconLife.AI was designed to solve complex problems through disruptive methods, giving purpose to exponential technologies.

Building on more than 10 years of Artificial Intelligence research, extensive experience in developing high-performance software platforms, and in-depth knowledge of Big Data architecture and solutions, SiliconLife applies cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems, delivering value to companies and their business models

Big Data

For decades, companies have sought to make better use of information to improve their business capabilities. However, it is the structure (or lack thereof), size and processing power of Big Data that makes it so unique.
SiliconLife has been operating with Big Data since 2013, building large corporate Data Lakes, deploying and operating platforms, some with more than 1.7 petabytes of data.


Artificial Intelligence is recognized as a general purpose technological innovation that aims to develop mechanisms that simulate the human capacity to reason, perceive, make decisions and solve complex problems.
Existing for decades, this area of science has been greatly driven by the use of big data and the high computing power available today.
SiliconLife has been acting since 2015 with Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Deep Learning, Video Analytics and Machine Learning.

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Corporate Big Data Project

Corporate Big Data Project at a large pay-TV company where SiliconLife has worked from strategic survey, solution design, platform deployment to building a corporate Data Lake structured to meet all of the company’s data demands.

Big Data Project Call Centers

Designing, Deploying, Maintaining and Supporting a Big Data Platform by Concentrating Information from All Phone Centers of a Large Cellular Carrier. There are 120 servers totaling 4,000 colors of processing, 10TB of RAM and 1.7 PB of data in Hadoop. One of the largest corporate big data platforms in Brazil.

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