Concepts & Our Approach_

Who are your consumers and how do they behave?

We have many tools in the digital world – Cookies, Analytics Plataforms, DMPs, DSPs, Marketing Automation Tools, etc. – to help us identify who our customers and prospects are, where they are, how they behave, when, where and what they buy.

But how do we do it in the real world?

Our approach:
Exponential Technologies Applying the Digital Model to the Real World

  • Computer vision
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Omni-channel Marketing Automation

Video Analytics...

… It is a field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science that aims to give computers a visual understanding of the world, capturing, processing and interpreting images, being the ‘engine’ of the Visual Behavior solution.

Visual Behaviour

Identify and track the journey of your customers and prospects in the real world.

Visual Behaviour was developed with the objective of applying the technologies involved in Video Analytics to Marketing, seeking to bring to the real world the concepts already widely recognized and widely used in digital, such as identification of the individual, frequency, interests, browsing habits and consumption, aggregating information – through AI inferences – that only video analytics tools can provide.

SiliconLife has developed EyeFlow, a modular, robust, scalable and versatile platform to meet the demands of Video Analytics. The creation of specialized goals and the adaptation of EyeFlow to the Marketing segment, we call Visual Behaviour.

Today the tool can identify a set of features with some degree of reliability:

  • Frequency
  • New vs Recurring
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Humor
  • Time in a particular place or environment
  • Navigation
  • Interests
Visual Behaviour

// Key Features

Predictive monitoring using images

Low cost acquisition and deployment sensing

Correlation of millions of events to identify personas and trigger opportunities

Learning evolutionary monitoring