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Industry 4.0
Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, IoT and Video Analytics applied to Industry

Industry 4.0 concept emerged in 2011 in Germany and translates the application of exponential technologies such as IoT, Big Data and IA in the manufacturing process.
Industry 4.0 principles are: Real-Time Operability, Virtualization, Decentralization, Service Orientation, and Modularity
Based on these principles, we created Smart Inspection

Smart Inspection:
IA Platform for Industry 4.04.0

Smart Inspecion is a robust, versatile and modularized platform that enables you to solve complex manufacturing process problems through Video Analytics, enabling real-time inspection and monitoring of the production line.

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Video Analytics Platform for Industry 4.0

For humans, interpreting images is a common task, but for computers it has always been a highly complex task due to the large amount of data involved.

However, in recent years there has been a significant advance related to the processing of these large data volumes, as well as the application of algorithms through Artificial Intelligence. This made it possible to build image and video processing applications, known as Video Analytics.

SiliconLife has developed EyeFlow, a modularized, robust, scalable and versatile platform,
to meet this demand in various segments. Creating specialized goals and tailoring EyeFlow to industrial inspection, we call it Smart Inspection.

The platform has four key features:

DataFlow: Creation of flows for data capture, filtering, cutting, detection, analysis, alarms and decision making.

DataTool: Tool for creating and maintaining DataSets.

FlowProcess: AI network training and execution module.

DashBoard: Management dashboards, alarms and operational reports.

Key Features

// DataFlow

Intuitive interface for assembling processing streams

Use of own and third party objects for data processing

Integration with other tools - IoT

Decision making and alarms

// DataTool

Interface for easy DataSet creation

DataSet Handling and Editing Tool

Easy anomaly identification and image selection

// FlowProcess

Network training and monitoring

Network performance monitoring

User-friendly interface for parameter setting and result analysis

// Dashboard

Operational Reports


Management and Analysis Tools

Making raw data available for external analysis